Paddock Park

Paddock Park gives your dog the freedom to run and play safely. It is suitable for small to medium dogs and booking is by appointment only.

The available space is a large paddock, which has standard rural fencing. Because the fencing is not full deer fence height, it is imperative that you keep your dogs under verbal control (or use a long line) at all times to ensure they do not breach the fence. Long lines are available for use if needed. You are expected to maintain visual contact with your dog at all times.

On your first visit, you will be shown the facilities and entry and exit routes explained.

Please plan accordingly and do your best to arrive and leave on time. Bookings start strictly on the hour and finish 45 minutes later, with a 15-minute buffer to the start of the next client appointment. Hand sanitiser is provided at the entry and exit gates. 

If the weather is bad, you will need to bring your own jacket, umbrella etc. Waterproof or sturdy footwear is advised as the grass may be wet or dewy. 

Walk your dogs on the leash to and from the area. Always make sure to walk the perimeter of the enclosure to check for any hazards and ensure it is secure before letting your dog off leash.

The area contains a water trough, agility equipment, dog toys, picnic tables, shelter shed. Please supervise and assist your dog if using the agility equipment. Please take your rubbish with you. 

Please ensure that you pick up all dog poop using your own bags and place in the bin provided.

Toilet facilities for people are not provided.  You may not enter any residence or outbuilding.

Charges for use of the facilities: single dog $10 per hour; and $5 each extra dog.

Please enquire for special rates for regular use i.e. dog trainers and dog clubs.