Please note care is booked and charged in days, not nights. The day of arrival and day of departure are charged as a full day. I.e. An overnight stay e.g. Mon am to Tues pm etc = two calendar days fees (the unit is occupied for two days).

Prices from 1st January 2022:
Dog boarding: $29 per day/dog.
Two dogs from same family sharing: $50 per day.
Three dogs from same family sharing: $70 per day.

Special needs dogs/dogs requiring complex care and interventions: $2 per day surcharge.
Bitches in heat: $5 per day surcharge.
Un-neutered males: $5 per day surcharge.

Dog daycare (full day) from 1st June 2021: $25 for one dog, $40 for two dogs.

A 50% deposit is required for dogs staying more than two weeks.

Visits to vets: Actual time charged @ $30 per hour including travelling time.

Paddock Park: single dog $10 per hour; and $5 each extra dog.