Terms and Conditions


All dogs need to be fully vaccinated to cover Canine Parvovirus, Canine Distemper, Adenovirus (Vanguard 5 or Vanguard Plus 5) and DHPPi and DHP and Canine Cough (Canigen KC, Caningen CC, Nobivac KC or Oral KC) and we ask that you provide your dog’s vaccination booklet at every visit.

If you have lost your dog’s vaccination book then a printed summary from your vet will suffice.

Remember that your dog will have no lasting vaccination immunity if s/he hasn’t had the full course of vaccinations.

Important: If any vaccination has lapsed then a 10-day stand down period will be applied.

Whilst worming is not required it is recommended prior to a stay.


Overdue accounts incur fees.

Early collection of dogs during their stay will be charged for the full booked stay.

Cancelled bookings at less than 10 days notice – if not rebooked – may be charged for unused days.

At peak times including Public Holidays and school holidays, when occupancy is 100% and we have turned away people, late cancellations that cannot be filled will incur full fees. Peak times are listed on the Bookings page of this website.